About Us

About Us

Who is Akelni.com

Motivated by rapid advance in technology, customers’ culture engagement to this technology, and taking advantage of everything that is new and easy by using smart phones, we established a new service called "Akelni.com" that solves all problems related to food delivery service and offers many features for both restaurants and clients.

Akelni Technology: Akelni is using advanced technology to maintain continuous improvement for its own website “Akelni.com” and all of its applications on all operation systems and devices so, it manages all of them in professionally way to facilitate user usage strongly and offer more advanced technical solutions.

About Akelni Akelni is a service offers you ordering food online, so that you can order from your favourite restaurants and experience new restaurants as well. You will be able to order food via the mobile application or by visiting our website, where you can find all restaurants that offer food delivery service.

With Akelni you will be serviced easily without troubles such as saving restaurants’ numbers, waiting on hold, encountering busy restaurants’ lines, getting your data recorded every time you order from a different restaurant, or possible errors that may occur while restaurants’ employees take orders or record clients’ data due to high pressure or poor network coverage.

In addition to that, you can view restaurants’ menus as well as their prices and addresses in order to choose your favourite food, which gives you an opportunity to get familiar with all kinds of food in the Egyptian market.

You can find many payment methods including cash on delivery or by credit card. You will get different prices for what restaurants have to offer depending on our partnerships with them so we can provide promotions on meals with low prices, discount vouchers, and gifts. All options such as restaurant and food kind and amount will be electronically selected to ensure a 100% successful order process without a single error.

Why Akelni.com

Akelni.com is multi-functional platform dedicated to receive food delivery orders via website and mobile applications (Android, iOS, and Windows Phone). Akelni always seeks to provide you with a more facilitated experience when ordering food and you can also chat with one of our customer care representatives via website or mobile application.

Akelni.com uses innovative methods to categorize and search for food types so that you can enjoy browsing our products easily.

Akelni.com will be your daily companion through your journey of food delivery ordering. And to make this journey more exciting, we also created a new service that suggests different foods for you as we are continuously developing our service.

Our goal is to reach one million users in the first year and we are striving to achieve this goal by using an integrated marketing plan that relies on electronic marketing and social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google Plus and other channels such as posting advertisements on famous websites or sending promotional SMSs to mobile phones. We will also depend on outdoor propaganda campaigns in public streets and places and there will be other propaganda techniques inside facilities such as universities, clubs, and other public places, in addition to new and innovative marketing ideas developed by a dedicated and specialist team that has a clear vision to reach this number.


The biggest barrier between the person and pleasure of experiencing new food is the lack of information, and it is the mission of Akelni.com to demolish this barrier