About Us

About Us

Who is Akelni.com

Indulge all your food cravings with Akelni!

Akelni is an online food ordering & delivery platform offering users a seamless and convenient way to order food from a variety of restaurants & grocery shops all over Egypt.

Akelni has been in the Egyptian market since May 2017, serving users 24/7 in more than 11 cities from more than 1,800 restaurants & grocery shops and offering them a unique food ordering & delivery experience. You can order from Akelni through the mobile app (iOS & Android) or the website and pay however you want (cash or online) and with exclusive offers and discounts.


We deliver ….

  • Ready Made Food from different restaurants with a wide range of cuisines and food categories.
  • Groceries from the supermarket to your doorstep. Whatever you need from vegetables, fruits & dairy products to house and personal care supplies.
  • Frozen (ready-to-cook) food to do it yourself at home. You can buy frozen food from multiple restaurants on Akelni.


Why order from Akelni

  • Save time - Easily order your favorite food.
  • Delivery or pickup - Get your food delivered to your door or pick it up yourself without waiting in queues.
  • Wide variety - Over 1,800 restaurants in more than 11 cities in Egypt.
  • Grocery - Get all your home needs from multiple grocery shops on Akelni.
  • Save money - Daily offers & gifts.
  • Group order - Easily order with your friends with Akelni’s new group ordering feature.
  • Payment options – Cash and cashless payment options with Akelni’s in-app wallet & online payments.
  • Order tracking – Follow your order every step of the way.
  • Akelni Corporate – New service & features just for corporate employees (Exclusive benefits, corporate wallet/credit & wallet transfer).
  • Always there for you - 24/7 live chat support